Business Strategy

Businesses need to move quickly. Waiting on applications isn’t an option. If your app doesn’t work now, customers move on. If your employees can’t do their jobs now, you lose money. Plan your move to the cloud, allowing you to deploy apps more quickly with the security and control you need, so you can stay ahead in an ever-evolving market.

Business Strategy · 5 min. read

Is the cloud an enabler or a disruptor of your digital transformation?

The cloud offers lots of benefits to employees and consumers, but lots of headaches for IT architects. When it comes to evaluating the impact that cloud will have on your digital transformation, there’s no easy explanation. The answer mostly depends on whom you ask.

Business Strategy · 5 min. read

Why moving to the cloud may not save as much as you think

If one of your motivations for moving to the cloud is to save on CapEx, be prepared to measure upward pressures on your OpEx. Here are the metrics to measure.

Business Strategy · 5 min. read

The ROI of moving to the cloud: Have you balanced your cloud checkbook?

There’s potentially a gulf of pain between using cloud services and successfully using cloud services. How will you know if you’re being successful? You need the metrics that match your priorities: agility, TCO, reach and productivity.

Business Strategy · 9 min. read

How to make digital transformation a reality

Digital transformation isn’t about using technology to do the same things you’ve always done—it’s about doing things that weren’t possible before. Digital transformation is a state of mind versus a set of tools. You can’t just say it—you have to map it out.